Monday, 1 August 2016

Tips for Start-Up Writers Who Want Freelance Writing Jobs

With the present economic crunch, freelance jobs are up for grabs not just among stay-at-home mothers but also to career women or men. The internet is a good starting place to find freelance jobs. Among the easiest to break into is the field of writing. You would be surprised at how many sites are posted from all over the world pertaining to freelance jobs for prospective writers.
Minimum requirements for freelance writing jobs include mastery of the language, knowledge of writing mechanics and a systematic approach at conducting research. These qualifications would be enough for freelance writing jobs on web content writing and blogging. However, the other types of freelance writing jobs like technical writing, advertising copywriting, medical writing, and academic writing may require expertise or related training on the given subject matter.
While there are many sites listed under freelance writing jobs, it would still be difficult to find a client if you are just a start-up writer with no published work yet to include in your resume. Would you switch to other freelance jobs? Or persist in your dream to get into the rich market of freelance writing jobs? If your goal is to be at least screened by reputable sites, then the first thing you should do is create your own blog and upload samples of your articles on various topics. Use different writing style to show how flexible and valuable you could be if given a toehold on freelance writing jobs.
Although you may be excited to get your first client, beware of job scams which also abound on the site for freelance jobs. There are those who promise too much money too soon, or those who will not pay for your article but promise to give it page exposure. Beware also of clients whose websites you could not verify or offer vague details about their company. Back off at once if you encounter any of these as you search for freelance jobs.
You need to practice discretion when you scout for freelance jobs. Be on the look-out for ideal clients for freelance writing jobs. They should be able to provide you the following: (1) constant flow of writing assignments, (2) choice of field or subject, (3) sufficient lead time to conduct research and write the article, (4) 24/7 open communication line for clarification or research assistance, and (5) good compensation package.
Aside from equipping yourself with a portfolio to show off, it is more important to have the right attitude needed to cope with freelance jobs. Self-motivation and self-discipline are crucial to any type of freelance jobs. You also need to be diligent and hardworking because freelance writing jobs require long working hours. Most importantly, take your client's criticism constructively and objectively to help you improve your writing skills so you would later be prepared to handle multiple freelance writing jobs.

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